What We Do

Building Your Audience is OUR Business

You control each new customer account and VendContent provides you the tools to form long-term profitable repeat purchase relationships.

Expanding Your Brand

Deploy your own White Labels with VendContent for your Affiliates or Partners to drive traffic to your store.

Each White Label uses its own domain, logo and home page, and can be customized according to the look and feel.

Growing Your Audience

Display your ads specifically to VIP Members, Standard Members, and even those who have yet to log in.

Use native ads to automatically have your artwork optimally resized for the device's view port.

Use 3rd-party ads (using their snippets) and Create your own custom html ad displays (your imagination is the limit).

Segmenting Your Audience with Packages

Your goal for your audience to say YES to making a purchase.   With VendContent, you can package your content in so many different ways - Rentals, Ownership, Free Movies, SVOD Memberships.   

Segmenting Your Audience with Account Types

Simply put, more choices transalates into more sales.  VendContent delivers this flexiblity with Standard and VIP Account Types.  

  • Standard Accounts are best for most customers; requiring no credit card to register, and having no recurring changes.  
  • VIP Accounts are best for frequent watchers.
Enable Powerful eCommerce

VendContent enables both VOD and Membership content sales on a single site.  This Hybrid aproach improves revenue growth and customer satisfaction.    

Making Your Content Discoverable

Curating content for your store or your Affiliate or Partner sites is very easy.  Content is organized into display blocks - called Sections.  Sections are navigations aids that make it easy for consumers to find the content they want.

Communicating with Your Audience

VendContent provides a flexible and powerful inline advertising engine, to allow your Partners and Affiliates to place banners ads in specific areas of their site.   Banners ads can be uploaded images or driven by JavaScript software code. 

Each Banner Ad can be set to display only to VIP Members, Standard Members, Unregistered Visitors or combinations of those.