Content Curation

Merchandising Your Video to Consumers

VendContent makes curating content for your store or your Affiliate or Partner sites is very easy.  We provide powerful tools to group, tag and schedule content for your audience.   

Home Page Sections - By Genre or Category

Home page sections make it easy to curate your content into groups with common attributes.   For example, you can easily group movies by Category or Genre and then sequence those by release date, popularity or alphabetical listings.  


Home Page Sections - Peformers

You determine the number and order of Sections on the home page of each of your sites. For example you can create several sections that feature popular performers, and each Section provides a "view more" link to make it easy to drive consumers to similar content choices. 

Home Page Sections - Directors, Studios and Producers

Sections can be filtered in many ways, including by Director, Studio or Producer.   In addition, sections can be configured to filter out specific content.  A section featuring only movies from a particular Director can filter out all R-rated content.  

Home Page Sections - VIP, Free and Free4VIP

Sections can be filtered based on access rights.  You can provide a section tagged as Free or Free4VIP users. Premium or exclusive content only for VIPs can also be arrayed into sections.