Digital Asset Management

Managing Your Digital Assets

VendContent provides a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to organize, store and process your digital media files for multi-screen OTT delivery.   

Video and Image Management

VendContent provides distributed video and image asset management, allowing your team to organize and manage assets from several storage locations.   Local, private and cloud based storage is supported.  Poster and others images associated with each video asset are linked logically within VendContent, and automated image captures of each episode or scene are made to improve navigation.  

Asset Cataloging / Categorization

VendContent provides an array of content cataloging and categorization tagging methods to improve SEO and customer discovery.   Individual assets can be tagged in myriad ways with user defined master lists.   In addition, VendContent provides bulk-assignments of category, studio, and related tags spanning any volume of selected videos to simplify mass data entry.

Metadata Authoring and Ingest Wizards

VendContent provides robust content management admin tools for metadata authoring and automated metadata ingest.   It’s simple to add new content (scenes, episodes, performances) and create bundles (series, collections, etc) using our intuitive software wizards.    

Clients with existing content management systems can easily bulk import video, studio, performer, director genre and other detailed metadata via XML.    Once ingested this metadata is available immediately.    

Approval Process Control

VendContent imposes admin user access controls and entitlements that prevent digital assets from being activated prematurely.   Approval is a two step process.  As media assets are being processed, only supervisory users are entitled to change their status to active, making them available for scheduling.   Only once activated can media assets be scheduled for release and purchase in your store.  

Content Scheduling Wizards

With VendContent, you have flexible tools to forward schedule the release of new content and set access rights to standard and VIP account holders.  Wizards makes it simple to curate when Scenes, Episodes, Collections, and Series apear for sale and when they are retired from your store.