All-In-One Video CMS

A complete solution for video hosting, encoding, delivery, and streaming to any device.
Expand Your Brand

It's easy to create a video-on-demand website that perfectly reflects your brand. Our website has a fully responsive theme, allows you to use your own domain and logo. Select your choice of colors and we will quickly put together a beautifully branded theme that delivers a great user experience. Developers easily customize the look and feel by uploading your own CSS.

Powerful Automation

VendContent will help you get your site running on auto-pilot with our advanced features, tools, and jedi-level support. We make it easy to manage all your videos, categories, models and studios with our modern, powerful admin panel. Schedule your content as new releases and rotate your content based on segmented members. Add SEO relevance by easily scheduling blogs for all viewers to read and customize SEO metatags.

Adaptive Video

Your video content is encoded to the latest standards and delivered globally to any device. VendContent provides a complete solution for encoding, delivering and streaming to both computer and mobile users worldwide. Previews are automatically generated in 30 second, 1 and 2 minute previews. Plus you can change preview length based on user type.

Superior Analytics

Monitor lifetime value, viewing activities, sales trends to improve your business interactions. Decrease churn with our subscriber analytics report. View reports on any device with real-time data updates and export report data anytime. Plus easily integrate with Google Analytics.

Easy Payments

Customers can purchase video content in multiple currencies using many payment options including ACH, Credit Card, Virtual Wallet, PayPal and coming soon cryptocurrencies. Reward loyal customers with discount codes. Our VOD Membership Hybrid service enables both a la carte purchasing, rentals and subscriptions on a single site. This Hybrid approach improves revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Data Security

Our enhanced security prevents data theft and protects the integrity of your content. We use signed URLs, complex dynamic authentication tokens system, and secured domains to prevent data leaks. Our team continuously monitors our network for security threats.